being in high school essay

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The Hard Reality of Being a High School Senior. The reality of graduating high school and moving onto college oftentimes poses some real fear for students. ... You'll find high value scholarships like VIP Voice's $5,000 Scholarship, and easy to enter scholarships like Niche $2,000 No Essay Scholarship, and internships
I'm still being nostalgic with my high school days. Whenever I reminisce, it shoves the loneliness inside me. I can feel my stomach's twitching when I think about them—my former classmates. The longing, the urge to see their faces and do some of the craziest stuffs in the world with them. That was possible, before. But I'm
In High School, college seemed to be the scariest thing that I could think of. Whenever I thought about it my stomach would immediately begin to spin in circles. Although I was ready to go off and be by myself and meet new people I was scared to death at the same time. I didn't know much about the “college experience” and
Some person i met tells me that high school is the best, yeah i agree with them high school is the best, you know why i agree with them because today my college life is sucks, i think it's too much intro, i will tell how my high school life changed me and why it's one of the best part i'll never forget. Being High School is the best
Being a senior to me means more that just one thing. It means my last ten football games, senior project and, graduating. It seems like yesterday that I was in eighth grade watching my brother play football on the same field I am now. Back then being a senior in high school seemed so far away that I never took the time to
Benefits of Being A High School Athlete. There are many benefits to being involved in athletics in high school. The personal traits one develops as a high school athlete are: teamwork, perseverance, responsibility, physical endurance, commitment, time management, and personal and emotional health. When a student
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Instead of being upset about this comment, it motivated me to study hard and to get good grades. My goal then was to graduate from high school with good grades and on time with the rest of the students my age. My counselor gave me credit for my transcript I brought from Mexico. She told me if I finished the requirements
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